Bowling Green welcomes Buckeye Boys State

BOWLING GREEN, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The 76th year of Buckeye Boys State kicked off Sunday at Bowling Green State University.

1200 kids will spend the week on campus learning the ins and outs of government.

They'll do that by forming city, county and state governments.

They'll run for office and develop their own political agenda without any influence from Buckeye Boys State sponsor The American Legion.

"Over the years, they've debated some serious issues here. Gun control, workfare, welfare, education funding. Topics you'll find in the real state of Ohio," said Jerry White of the American Legion.

It's an experience Cory Dickman will never forget.

He came to Buckeye Boys State while at Clyde High School.

"I became more patriotic, more sure of myself. Became a better leader," said Mr. Dickman.

It may be too early to tell but some of the students wouldn't mind a real career in politics.

"I don't know. Maybe in the future; a county, something smaller," said James Brickell.

"I think it'd be cool to learn about politics, maybe go into it, take it back to my school, go from there, politics in the future," said Alex Shelton.

Most though will be content to stay out of politics yet learn about government and how it runs.

"It isn't something that interests me. I'd rather vote for who I want to have," said Nick Shafer.

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