Area father thought to be dead found alive

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Paul Pressely, 47, was declared legally dead in 2008 so his ex-wife could obtain social security funds for their two children. He had not been seen by her since 2002.

Pressely was identified during a traffic stop in April in Virginia, and is now back in Ohio and under house arrest.

Pressley, originally from Port Clinton, is currently under house arrest at this home on Hurd Street in east Toledo until a jury trial set for July 31.

In 2002, the court charged Pressely with 8 counts of criminal non-support for not paying child support in upwards of $70,000. After that, his ex-wife says he disappeared, even after searches by the FBI and U.S. marshals.

Pressley's ex-wife says in email conversations that she had her ex-husband declared dead so her kids could receive his social security benefits before they turned 18.

Pressley was pulled over in Virginia, did not give an alias, and was subsequently arrested. He was returned to Ottawa County courts, where bond was rejected, leaving him to reside with his mother Sharon.

Pressley's brother Jeff declined an interview until the family can speak with their lawyer.

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