Flag Park memorial vandalized in Fremont

FREMONT, OH (Toledo News Now) - The memorial in Flag Park has fallen victim to vandals, angering Fremont residents.

The words dishonor, disgrace and disrespect were all thrown out when describing the damage done. Officials say the perpetrators are using landscaping stones from the display to do it.

"This is hallowed grounds.  I am just so angry.  Personally, I'd just hate to be driving by and see someone do this.  I'm afraid of what I would do.  The total disrespect and lack of honor, said Lee Swartz of the Sandusky County Veterans Service Commission.

The scrapes and scratches on the monument may as well be on Swartz's heart as well. His bloodline is full of servicemen and women, and that is why he spearheaded the effort to bring the monument here.

"There was a lot of energy and effort that was put forth to brining this to our community.  It's just kind of an unfortunate thing that it's being damaged and vandalized and disrespected like it is," said Fremont resident Phil Collison

Residents say the memorial should stand tall and undisturbed as a symbol of the men and women that gave everything for the country.

"The energy that they put forth and gave for our country it just seems like maybe the kids or whoever is doing this doesn't quite understand it or respect it, what they gave," Collison explained.

County commissioners are weighing what options they have to do to stop the vandalism, including adding security cameras.

"We're trying to find a way that we can tie something over here in with that.  Seeing what our options are for that and what it will cost us.  Other options we've discussed is possibly removing these stones," explained Sandusky County Commissioner Matt Damschroder.

In the meantime, Swartz is calling on the community to be the eyes and ears for the veterans honored:

"Be aware, you know.  Just look.  If you see some kids in the park, just pull off to the side and if they're doing something wrong.  Call the police, everyone's got cell phones.  Don't just let it go," said Swartz.

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