Johnson Controls to 'temporarily' lay off 279 employees

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) - Nearly 300 jobs are at stake after a local company's contract with Chrysler could be in jeopardy.

Johnson Controls, located on Arbor Drive in Northwood, is a supplier to Chrysler and makes Jeep components. Since Chrysler will no longer be making the Jeep Liberty, the company plans to lay off the entire plant of 279 employees starting around August 16.

However, the layoffs are anticipated to be temporary with hopes of rehiring employees to work on the next vehicle. Once the new Jeep starts production those workers will be needed, but they may have to wait until early 2013 to get their jobs back.

On Thursday, Johnson Controls announced the addition of 1,100 new jobs once the Jeep mystery vehicle starts production.

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