TPD arrest 4 in 2 drug raids

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Four people are arrested and neighbors are shocked, after drug raids at a Toledo home and business, where police said they found a particularly dangerous type of heroin.

The busts happened Tuesday. First at a home on Burnham in west Toledo, then at a business on Marine in south Toledo. Police said the raids were the result of a long-term investigation. They are hoping they will reduce the amount of dangerous drugs coming into the community.

"I was very surprised and didn't think I would ever see that in my neighborhood, not that much," said neighbor David Huth.

Toledo Police recovered painkillers, cash, and more than $500,000 worth of heroin from the two raids. Police said most came from inside an unassuming home, along a quiet west Toledo street.

The raids took neighbors by surprise.

"I never thought walking by this house everyday like I do with the dogs and the kids, that here somebody could have gotten killed, somebody could have robbed somebody," said Huth.

"I saw the door open, a policeman in there and I saw a guy with a K-9 going around the back," said an anonymous neighbor.

Police arrested the owner of the home, David Pedigo, 37, and charged him with felony possession and trafficking of drugs. According to police, Pedigo was a major supplier of China white heroin, which is more potent and deadly, than the brown heroin usually found on the streets of Toledo.

Police said they found nearly two pounds of the heroin in Pedigo's home.

"Normally we don't see these types of quantities of this type of heroin," said Sgt. Joe Heffernan.

Police also raided Pedigo's south Toledo auto repair shop, where they found cocaine and marijuana. It is also the location where they arrested Robert Schaefer, Michael Lee and Shane Armstrong.

"We're hoping this has an impact out on the streets, dries up the supply of this," said Heffernan.

Neighbors said they are relieved police caught the men.

"Hopefully they'll catch a few more," said an anonymous neighbor.

All four men arrested have been released from jail, including Pedigo, who posted a $100,000 bond. He is scheduled to be back in court next month.

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