Toledo man wins $100,000 at Hollywood Casino

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Toledoan Mike Halka was the first big winner at Hollywood Casino Toledo on Monday. Halka took home $100,000 playing the slot machines.

Halka says he and a coworker stopped at the casino after work.

"I started out on the dollar slots and I won $700 there, then I went to the $5 slots and won $4,000 at the $5 slots, then I went to the $10 slots and won $8,000," said Halka.

That's when Halka's co-worker, Randy Rank, suggested he step away with his winnings, but Halka wanted to keep gambling.

"The next pull, $100,000; it was unbelievable.  When the lights went off, I just couldn't believe it," said Rank.

Halka says he spent the money on a truck and a Bobcat for his company, Bay Area Concrete, along with a car for his wife and son and a Harley Davidson motorcycle for himself.

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