Violent attack at Tiffin group home results in injuries, arrest

TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) – A violent attack at New Housing Ohio Inc. on Wentz Street in Tiffin left four people in the hospital and a resident behind bars. Two of the four victims are still in critical condition, fighting to recover.

Police say they aren't sure what caused Jack Berry to snap, but they do know that the results were catastrophic.

"It was a pretty drastic scene.  It was quite a big amount of blood in the downstairs room.  And um, from what they saw, they thought the one worker was deceased."

Police say Berry attacked one of his housemates with a wrought iron candle stick.

"He attacked one of the residents and the next thing you know the other worker came down to find out what was going on and then he just came out and started attacking her."

Berry continued the ruthless beating, which sent all four victims to the hospital.  Two were treated and released.  The other two are still in critical condition Tuesday evening.

"Just the seriousness of the offense both subjects were Life Flighted, and one of the subjects ear was partially severed, and one of the workers hand was partially amputated from the attack."

Police say the attack ended just as strangely and abruptly as it had started.

"For some reason he stopped and came outside and the fire department were out there.  He actually obeyed what they said and got on the ground until an officer arrived."

Berry is being held at the Seneca County Court house on $1 million bond.

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