Ways to view Venus Transit

University of Toledo event

The University of Toledo Ritter Planetarium is hosting a viewing of the event. The schools telescope will safely project the image of the sun on a screen. That begins at 5:45 p.ml. in McMaster Hall, room 2002.

CYBERSPACE (AP) - Transit of Venus - yes, it does sound like a cool name for a rock band. But it's also the name of the celestial sight you can see tomorrow in the Western Hemisphere - and won't be able to see again until 2117. Experts warn that trying to see the planet cross the face of the sun can be dangerous without special viewing glasses, welder's glasses numbered 14 or higher. To avoid any eye issues, you can watch the event online.
NASA site: http://www.nasa.gov
Slooh Space Camera site: http://www.slooh.com
Exploratorium site: http://www.exploratorium.edu

Also, see cool pics form the Venus Transit of 2004


And, get an app to view it