City Council asked to come up with landscaping funds

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Toledo city council is being asked to come up with $500,000 to take care of out-of-control grass and weeds.

Toledo has been getting all the headlines in recent weeks about ignored and overgrown properties, but the suburbs are seeing it too, and residents are just as angry.

"They're not doing their job! They say it's a mild winter. Well they haven't mowed these lots for years!" said north Toledo resident Lonnie Homan.

Homan lives on Superior Street in north Toledo, and isn't buying the city's explanation for falling behind on mowing.

Warm and wet weather in early spring made the grass grow two months earlier than normal, and Lonnie says he has been forced to mow a nearby lot:

"Just because I don't want to see the tall grass. I'm real fed up with it. And I have a neighbor that's mowing 13 lots right now," Homan said.

Public service director Ed Moore told a city council committee Monday that they need $500,000 in additional money, mostly to pay the salaries of 18 contractors that have been brought in to help city crews catch up.

"Grass grows in other cities other than Toledo, so unfortunately we only see what's here in Toledo. But other outlying communities are facing the same issues," Moore said.

Those communities Moore is referring to include Sylvania Township. On Tuesday, trustees could vote to authorize the mowing of 8 lots that are overgrown.

"It's deplorable. It's ridiculous to pay as much as we do on taxes and to have to look at this every day. And we just want something done," said Sylvania Township resident Kelly Marvin, whose neighbor moved away a month ago, leaving an unkempt yard.

Toledo city council still has to approve the extra $500,000. Councilman George Sarantou says the stakes are too high, and they must find the money somewhere.

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