Students not worried about rising costs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - High school graduation season is underway.  It is a time students and parents both look forward to. However, with talks of college tuition rates increasing, and the interest rates on loans rising, everyone is showing concern.

Most students say they still have plans of continuing their education, even if it means paying more for it.

"It is nerve-wracking, trying to figure out where you're going to get all the money from," said graduate Ciara Buck.

"It's scary, it's you know, you want your kids to go to college because you want them to get a decent job and you know, you just hope for the best," parent Robin Russell explained.

Even though students are stressed about rising costs, they still believe in going to college. Many of the 286 students graduating from Start High School say they won't even take a year off to save money

"My teacher Mr. Abbot, he told me that maybe I should just go right into it because sometimes that plan fails, so that I should just continue my schooling. And just get it over with," said student Duane Hrn-Cross.

"The way the economy is, I don't believe anyone should wait to go to college- I believe you should jump straight in while your brain's still fresh. You have to invest money even in yourself if you want to be successful," explained Telly Hopings Jr.

High school graduates say education is worth the cost, and have plans underway to help them financially, so they won't have to only rely on taking out loans.

"I plan on doing ROTC, so hopefully after my freshmen year, they'll pay for the last three years of my school," Buck said.

Senator Sherrod Brown was also in the area Monday, urging students to contact their congress leaders, and keep interest rates on student loans at the 3.4 percent rate it is at right now. We could see that number double on July  1 if congress  allows the rate increase to pass.

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