Water facility repaired, back to full capacity

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A critical component of the city of Toledo's water system is another step closer towards being back to full capacity. It was nearly two months ago when an accident left Toledo's system in a delicate situation.

There has been significant progress on repairs at the facility, which provides water to the Collins Park treatment station, which suffered major damage back in April.

The system now has the capacity to boost output if demand picks up.

Crews were put into major repair mode at Toledo's low service pump station, after two of the four pumps there broke down back on April 14. Now, that facility has one of those pumps back, giving the city some breathing room during peak summer months.

"We have low service pump 2 is back in service, it's a big benefit to us, gives us 3 available pumps, we could always have one on standby, ready if needed," said Toledo Water Operations engineer Andy McClure.

This avoids the city having to ask customers to scale back water use.

"We got it just in the nick of time as sprinkling begins water demands pick up in the summer we would have been stuck without it," McClure explained.

While progress is being made to repair the station's main pump, it is still out of service.

"Low service pump one, the motor's been reconditioned returned to us we got it set waiting for rotating element for pump one to be returned pump one is going to be a little longer because the damage was heavier," McClure explained.

The cost of the repair work is expected to total $500,000 dollars, but McClure says it is necessary:

"Without this there's no water to treat at the water treatment plant and work its way into the distribution system."

As far as what went wrong back on April 14, McClure says the city has a private firm examining parts to try to pinpoint a cause:

"They can tell by looking at the metal of the shaft if it was fatigue failure if it was sudden impact they'll be able to tell us more."

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