Teen accused of central Toledo fatal shooting appears in court

Vicktron Moore
Vicktron Moore

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A teen accused of shooting two people and killing one of them along Tecumseh Street was in court Monday morning. Community leaders said kids getting a hold of guns is happening too often.

The 17-year-old was arraigned Monday, following the shooting last week. Prosecutors plan to push for him to be tried as an adult. Community leaders said it is alarming how easy it is for kids like him to get guns.

"It's easier for them to get a gun than they can cigarettes. It's that easy," said Keith Jordan, director of Development for JLJ Vision Outreach.

Surrounded by family and his infant child, the teen faced a judge, charged with murder and felonious assault for fatally shooting Vicktron Moore, 30. Terrance Cohen, 37, was also shot, but survived.

Cohen told police the pair was in a car at the intersection of Tecumseh and Miller when a person Moore was speaking with began shooting at them. Cohen ran away, but Moore remained inside the car, which then lurched forward and crashed into a nearby vacant home.

Police said the shooting was not gang-related; it was personal because the suspect knew the victims.

"It's a little bit blowing me away about how many shootings and now we're talking about a murder. So it seems to be escalating," said Lori Olander, Lucas County juvenile prosecutor.

In April, a 14-year-old brought a loaded handgun to Toledo's Keyser Elementary. He told police he bought it on the street, something authorities are finding happens more often than people realize.

"People are transporting guns like it's candy these days and it's getting to affect our communities very bad," said Jordan.

Jordan said kids are stealing guns or buying them on the black market. He said support is needed for re-entry programs for kids convicted of crimes and the community's grassroots initiatives to help kids.

Parents need to step up too.

"If not, the only thing you're going to do is have another crime, another shooting and have another violent offense," said Jordan.

The latest Toledo teen charged with murder remains in jail and will return to court Thursday.

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