Old West End celebrates it's 41st annual festival

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The summer season officially kicked off Saturday with a 41 year annual tradition.

The Old West End Festival runs through Sunday featuring arts, entertainment, food and yard sales.

But this historic, tree lined neighborhood attracts thousands for it's house tours.

Jack and Mary Lindberg have lived in an 1891 two story, four bedroom home on Scottwood Avenue for twelve years.

It's the third home they've owned in the Old west End since 1971.

"People are here because they want to be here. There's a sense of community. Great deal of diversity and just wonderful people" says Ms. Lindberg.

The Lindbergs tried life in suburbia, but it just wasn't the same.

"There was a corporate treadmill. people were there because careers placed them there. We didn't see the neighbors as much. Not as many friends. Didn't have the sense of belonging" says Mr. Lindberg.

Each room in the house is special to the Lindbergs, from the spacious downstairs foyer, to the open dining room area and a beautifully decorated upstairs bedroom.

But when you tour the house, a feature that really attracts your eye is the artwork of one bathroom.

The Lindbergs say they're cherubs ascending into heaven.

"That's the way it was when we bought the house. The previous owner, one of them in particular, had quite an artistic flair and did the bathroom. I wouldn't touch it" says Ms. Lindberg.

The Lindbergs added their own artistic flair to the backyard: a beautiful garden.

Ms. Lindberg is a master gardener.

She spends twenty hours a week tending to her flowers and plants, just another reason the Lindbergs will never leave the Old West end again.

"It's just a treasure" adds Mr. Lindberg.

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