Selkirk St. residents placing trash cans outside to prevent casino parking

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - It looks like garbage pick-up day on Selkirk Street ever since the new Hollywood Casino opened up across the street.

But there's no garbage in any of the cans here.

Why's that?

Gamblers are by-passing long lines of traffic heading into the casino's garage and heading for Selkirk Street.

"The first day was terrible. You needed a cop here to tell people to leave" says resident Jerome Bellas.

Selkirk Street is the perfect parking spot.

"Couldn't back out of your driveway. If you did, always had cops coming down this way. Go back in driveway and let them go through" says resident Mark Kwiatkowski.

That's why residents put out the cans in front of their homes.

Now, there's no place to park, even though Toledo News Now caught plenty of folks still looking.

"The turnarounds have been horrendous. So have the U-turns. U-turns can't control. Turning around in driveway. People have children around here. Have to be careful of them" says resident Rita Allen.

There was quite a traffic jam heading to the casino on Saturday night.

The exit ramp off I-75 on Miami Street backed up.

Cars slowly crawled to the casino garage, but the cans are working.

"Keeps all the stragglers from parking here" according to Mr.Bellas.

Residents expect the casino hoopla to subside soon and with it--traffic congestion.

"I'm happy it's only a few weekends. But we found a solution for it so we're happy" says Ms. Allen.

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