Heath department says search of Toledo biotech building necessary

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Toledo Lucas County Health Department says their search of a south Toledo building that was the former home of a biotech company was justified, even as the building's owners says he is being treated unfairly.

Heath department officials say their concern was that the facility could contain hazardous biological materials containing West Nile Virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Tuberculosis.  Although nothing of that nature was found, they say there was enough found to justify the search.

"There's a number of different chemicals, there's some issues inside that will have to be repaired," said Eric Zgodzinski with the health department.

However, the building's owner, Dr. Prakash Thombre, President of Advanced Clinical Diagnostics, says he is being treated unfairly.

It is unfortunate the city of Toledo continues its on-going harassment of foreign born American citizens in such a public over use of force.  The city wants the property to be torn down to build a parking lot for the church and has been after me for years. I will have to think about my response as I have been falsely accused, my good name dragged in dirt," said Thombre in a written statement.

The health department has scheduled a meeting with the owner for Tuesday to discuss how to stabilize the situation in a manner to ensure public safety.

"That's going to start the process off to help the owner look at how we can best come together and solve the issues that are surrounding us," said Zgodzinski.

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