Toledo City Council to consider change to grass cutting rules

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Mayor Mike Bell is asking council to adopt a measure for the city to have a zero tolerance policy regarding tall grass on property the city does not own.

The measure has been placed on council's agenda for Tuesday, to change the way the city deals with tall grass complaints. If approved, the city would be able to publish a legal notice, to give all property owners a 72-hour window to cut the grass.

Then city crews would be allowed to go onto properties where the grass is taller than 8 inches, cut the lawn and charge the property owner through assessments. Right now city inspectors have to post a notice on individual properties then contact the grass crews after 72 hours.

Public Service Director Ed Moore says the move would give them the ability to do their work more effectively and efficiently.

"If legislation is approved it's going to allow us to focus on geographical areas, we can look at cluster areas as far as where nuisance issues are," said Moore.

The mayor is asking council to approve the proposal on Tuesday, so the city can post a legal notice on Wednesday to put all property owners on the clock.

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