Family says Children’s Miracle Network hospital lived up to its name

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sixteen year old Samantha Beemer's family members say Mercy Children's Hospital, a Children's Miracle Network hospital demonstrated how the network earned its name in helping their daughter.

"She's a miracle," said Sam's younger brother Nick. "She Truly is a miracle," agreed her father, Bob Beemer.

Samantha was severely injured in a car accident 8 months ago.  Doctors told her family to prepare for the worst.

"[Doctors said] she's going to be vented, vegetative state, that is what could happen.  I prepared for it, but I never believed it," said Libby Beemer, Sam's mother.

It turns out Libby Beemer's feelings were correct.  After weeks of unconsciousness, Sam woke up.

"[I thought] when she did wake up would she know me?  Would she know who she was? Would she know her brother?" said Libby Beemer. "[When she woke up] I looked at her and said 'Do you know me?' and she gave me a thumbs up."

Waking up was not the end of Samantha's recovery, though.  She spent months in rehab, eventually regaining her ability to walk and talk.  Samantha says her classmates, family and friends helped inspire her to recover. Classmates voted her a homecoming princess and her date delivered her crown to the hospital.

"My room was the most colorful room they said they've ever had at the hospital because of all the cards and posters and people were always there bringing me stuff.  When I got home I had three bags of cards to open," said Samantha.

"I have absolutely no doubt she's a miracle and I am eternally grateful to the Mercy people," said Libby Beemer.  "I will never be able to communicate to them that what they do day in and day out to help people like us, it's amazing to me.  They are amazing, amazing people."

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