TPD to increase patrol in I-475 construction zone

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It is not uncommon to see drivers speeding through the lanes restricted by construction on Interstate 475. The Toledo Police Department will be patrolling more to make sure drivers obey the speed.

Toledo Police said the stretch of construction between Interstate 75 and Monroe is so short, going the posted speed will not add that much time to a commute.

"We're seeing vehicles traveling through there and we've clocked vehicles going through there going in excess of 80 mph," said Lt. Jeff Sulewski.

Starting Friday, there will be more than orange cones in the work zone. Drivers will also see more TPD officers thanks to a nearly $50,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation, which made overtime possible for officers to patrol the area.

Sulewski hopes the enforcement blitz will get people to ease up on the pedal when driving through the work zone.

"We want to get people to slow down and drive that speed limit for safety sake. The safety of the workers that are out there and for everyone that's passing through the area," said Sulewski.

Sulewski said tight spaces mixed with high speeds are a recipe for disaster on the road, and an accident in that section can cause major headaches.

"The greater the speed that an accident would occur at, we would have parts of a vehicle fly off into a construction crew that's behind the barriers, and that also increases the chance that there's going to be a serious injury," said Sulewski.

Officers hope that the more people are aware of the increased patrols, the less tickets they will have to issue, and accidents they will have to respond to. They said it is all about keeping people safe.

The initiative will run until November.

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