Wood Co. police consider sharing emergency dispatch

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss
Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Faster response times and lower taxpayer costs are what police in some parts of Wood County said will happen if they combine certain services.

Police are taking a serious look at sharing emergency dispatch, which could lead to sharing software, as well. They said having one regional center would be more efficient and could even save lives.

Northwood runs its own emergency dispatch, but now it is considering joining Rossford, Lake Township, and Walbridge as one regional dispatch center.

"These little villages, townships, and suburb communities need to get together and regionalize. For the whole area it makes a lot of sense," said Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss.

Police said one center would mean faster response times because their jurisdictions sometimes overlap.

"We may have to drive through Northwood to get to another part of our city, just because of the way geographically we're laid out. And it would make sense that if we start providing these services together, that we could actually help each other out," explained Goss.

Rossford administrators are waiting for word on state grant applications. Administrators said they are pushing for the project as a way to save taxpayer dollars.

"If some entities that are larger than us can operate a dispatch, why couldn't the smaller entities combine together and operate an entity, each saving us money?" said Ed Ciecka, Rossford city administrator.

According to police, the center would have room for expansion, in case other departments want to join.

All parties involved said they are doing their best to strike a balance.

"Government needs to try to cooperate, but at the same time, maintain its respect for their own jurisdictions, learning to cooperate with one another and consolidate services," said Ciecka.

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