Rossford School District hopes to build new schools

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The goal of a district's latest project is to get new buildings for Rossford Schools.

The school district has proposed new building plans in the past, but the community shot them down. This time, Rossford School District is taking a different approach.

The current plan they are working in is based on public input. Administrators said the last facilities planning process made people in the community feel left out.

The school district recently hired a facilitator for a master plan steering committee made up of people in the community who will help make decisions about new buildings, renovations, and upgrades. The new facilitator is also holding public meetings for people to offer suggestions and voice concerns.

People on the committee said these decisions will determine the future of Rossford Schools.

"Everybody in our community agrees that we need better school facilities. If we're going to be competitive and have the best education for our students, what we need is more information about whether new or renovated is the proper way to go, where to put the schools. These are the kinds of things we're asking the community," said Roger Gluckin with the Rossford Schools master plan steering committee.

Anyone interested in serving on a subcommittee can contact Rossford Schools.

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