Parents unhappy with Oregon City Schools

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - In a public forum Thursday night, residents had the opportunity to voice their concerns with the school district, and parents are asking the Oregon city schools to step up.

There are three things the community seems most concerned about and that is rebuilding the trust between the district and residents, providing a quality education to students, and asking the school officials to be more fiscally responsible.

Community members are disappointed with the way Oregon city school officials are running things.

"Because I'm unhappy with the board members receiving raises, when taxpayers and students have made sacrifices - whether financially or having services cut that we've paid for and I don't feel like everyone''s not fair across the board for everyone," said resident Andy Howard.

Residents attended a public forum put together by school officials, and the issues all stem back to a survey community members were asked to fill out which was an evaluation of sorts of Oregon city schools.

Parents believe the biggest challenge facing the schools is how they deal funding.

"Whenever you take money out of a system, you're going to have some problems and there was busing that got taken away, some raises. There was a lot of little things that added up and the community felt like they weren't being heard and that was pretty clear in the survey and that's why we're having the meeting tonight," said School Board Member P.J. Kapfhammer, who adds changes need to be made.

"We have to be like a business, when businesses struggle they adapt, and they find a way to be successful. We're going through that right now and I don't think any school in Ohio is not going through this themselves," Kapfhammer said.

School officials hope that this will help the community and schools better communicate in the long run.

"We really want to partner with our parents, residents, our students with all of our employees and come out of this side by side, arm in arm working together as we move forward for the best interest of the kids," said Superintendent Michael Zalar.

School board members will take the concerns voiced by residents, and devise a plan that will in turn improve the schools.

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