Miami Street Days Inn passes bed bug inspection

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - After two inspections it appears the Days Inn on Miami Street has been found to be bed bug free, and they have the paperwork to prove it.

While the complaint is a closed case, this situation is still far from over on both sides.

Last Friday night, a woman named Julie took cell phone video of a room she was staying in at the Days Inn on Miami Street. In the video, you see what appear to be bed bugs and mouse droppings. A complaint was made to the health department and two inspections were held- once yesterday in random rooms and again Thursday.

"The Lucas County health department, which visited today, inspectors came from Fire Marshals and they got into the two rooms in question, plus a room on each side and the report states, no bed bugs found in either rooms, or the two rooms adjacent," Front Desk Manager Cal Eldisouky said.

Since Wednesday night, Cal says two groups have canceled their stays at the hotel, and having been cleared by the health department of both bed bugs and other pests, the hotel's general manager may take legal action:

"What happened here is defamation. The one room that allegedly had the mouse droppings, they were put neatly on the white sheet on the bed. Which, knowing that we cover the sheet with a blanket and a comforter, that's got to be a very sophisticated mouse to remove the comforter and the blanket and put the droppings."

While Cal admits no hotel is immune to bed bugs, even his own, the Days Inn was found to be bed bug free:

"We are open for business, we have clean rooms, very pleasant environment and excellent service. Please disregard what was mentioned on that complaint. We have proof, we can show it to you, we can email it, fax it, we can present it to our guests. Rest assured, we do not let our guests stay in rooms with bed bugs or any pests, or issues like that."

Julie is standing by her claims that there were bed bugs in the room and that she did not place them there. She too is threatening legal action against the Days Inn.

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