Scott High School wants new stadium

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Scott High School community said a new stadium could do wonders for the area. However, the community has learned there are some hurdles in the way of getting their new stadium.

"It would be a great asset to the community if they could, and it would keep most of the kids out of trouble because then they would be able to come over to the stadium and play," said community member Charmaine Buckson.

Toledo Public Schools committed $1.1 million to build a stadium at Scott.

"The question is what you can really buy for that, and we have developed a plan to build a stadium with that," said James Gant, TPS' chief business manager.

Gant said the district is trying to keep the community involved with the future stadium and presented an idea to them that would fit in the budget. However, the idea does not include everything the Scott Rehabilitation Committee wants.

"They want the track. They want to make sure all the bathrooms are there and concession stands and so forth are there, anything that you would typically want in a stadium. They want astro turf," Gant said.

One of the biggest issues is including a regulation track. There is not enough room for one, so the school would have to buy and demolish a few homes on Winthrop Street to include a track.

"To get everything that the group wants, it would be upwards of a couple million dollars. There's no doubt about that," Gant said.

Gant said it is unlikely the district would be able to give the school more money because it came from a bond issue passed years ago. The bond money was already split up between several schools.

Still, community members said they do not have to give up their dream stadium.

"They could do fundraisers, car washes. There's anything. The community, I know we'll help out," Buckson said.

Gain said several other schools have used fundraising to help pay for projects.

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