City of Toledo looking to sell police station

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Toledo is looking to sell one of its police stations to save money. The station that could be up for sale pending city council's approval is the Northwest District Station on Sylvania.

The Northwest District Station stopped dispatching officers back in 2008 due to some budget cuts. Since then it's been used to file reports and house SVU and senior volunteers. However, people in the community see it as a safety staple.

The Northwest District station is nestled in the heart of this neighborhood.  Although it hasn't dispatched police in years, neighbors say its presence has kept their community from being touched by the rash of crime the city has seen.

"I just think it would benefit to keep the building and it's a very good protective thing for the area, for residents, and the older people around.  I don't really think they agree with it," says Pam Cherry, a resident who disagrees with the sale.

The city stands to make upwards of $270,000 from the sale.  They say a deal doesn't mean this area will be forgotten about, but will only get safer with the addition of data driven policing.

"We are not decreasing the number of patrols that operate out there. For me, the best deterrent of crime is a patrol officer, a police officer in a vehicle.  So that is not going to be decreased whatsoever," said Shirley Green, the Safety Director for the city of Toledo.

Councilman Tom Waniewski represents the area, and says a move that will save money, but still protect the area is a good one.  However, there are still some questions that he and his constituents want answered, such as the plans for the money and how the building is currently utilized.

City Council must approve the sale. They will have a public meeting for the community to weigh in on June 7.

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