New scam targets Sylvania residents

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania police say a new scam has made its way into the community. They've received reports of residents getting phone calls from a supposed telemarketer service, offering to fix the person's computer for a fee.

Often times, the caller will have a lot of your personal information, such as your name, address, even credit card number. Then, the caller tries to convince the person to sign up for computer repair services, and asks for more personal information.

Police say the phone number used for the scam has popped up on several scam alert websites. They say it is likely the scam is happening on a larger scale, and it just moved into Sylvania in the last month.

Police say one of the things that concerned them the most about these calls is how persistent the people calling are.

"The calls have been bordering on harassment. One of the victims in particular was called 10 times over the course of two days, and the calls got more and more harassing with the tone of the caller," said Captain Rick Schnoor of the Sylvania Police Department.

Captain Schnoor says no one in Sylvania has reported losing money because of the scam, but if you know someone who has become a victim, call Sylvania police at 419-885-8900.

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