Does it Work: Sticky Buddy vs. Schticky

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Chris Porter volunteered NOT to clean the pet hair from his Sikeston home, so we could have maximum results in this two-product comparison test of Sticky Buddy vs. Schticky.  Both make similar claims, but we want to know if either are any better than your average lint roller.

There's no need to tear away paper when using these rollers. Instead, you rinse pet hair and lint away after swiping the roller on your furniture.

Initially, Chris and I used all the attachments all over pet hair on pillows and cushions.  We rinsed each time, using a lint-free towel as directed. Amazingly, the sticky power of each roller stayed.

"It's unlike anything I've ever used before. I think Sticky Buddy would be best for people with carpet. It has a rake-like feature that could help roll even more lint and hair onto the sticky pad. However, I like the Schticky because it has a bigger attachment that covers more surface that works better in my home. I'd give it a little higher grade than Sticky Buddy."

However, that quickly changed. Just five days later, Chris reports Schticky didn't pick up cat and dog hair as well.  That goes against the manufacturer's guarantee. He's disappointed. Chris hoped the rollers would at least last a few months.  Both range in price from $15 to $20 in-stores.

So, for now, we'll roll on with passing grade C's for both products, but still question just how long these rollers will keep their sticky powers, after all that rinsing.

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