Wood Co. Prosecutor's Office: Brenner responsible for toddler's death

Emma Zehnpfennig
Emma Zehnpfennig

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - There are new developments in the case of a dead 2-year-old in Bowling Green.

Nathan Brenner was arraigned Thursday afternoon. The Wood County Prosecutor's Office said Brenner is responsible for the death of Emma Zehnpfennig.

Now that Brenner has pleaded not guilty to charges involving the 2-year-old's death, the prosecutor's office is taking him to trial.

Police said it all started where Brenner lived with Emma and her family. A few months ago, Emma went to the hospital and died after suffering severe head trauma. The coroner discovered signs of previous abuse on Emma's body.

"The trauma of child abuse affects everyone in the community. We worry about our children in the community," said neighbor Lois Perkins.

Brenner was indicted and arrested earlier in May. The family has since moved away, but neighbors said they are still grieving.

"That's wrong to do that to an innocent child. They were not placed or born on this earth for that type of abuse," said neighbor Kimberly Wilson.

People who know the Zehnpfennig family said they are grateful something is being done about Emma's death. They hope it will give the community closure.

"If someone wants to take a child's life, then they don't need to be here on this earth either," said Wilson.

The Wood County Prosecutor's Office assured it will do its best to make sure there is justice for Emma.

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