Hotel close to casino accused of having bed bugs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Days Inn Toledo- the only hotel within walking distance of the Hollywood Casino Toledo- has been accused of having bed bugs by a former guest.

Julie from Bradner, OH says she was furious to say the least.  She says during her stay at the Days Inn on Friday night not one, but two of the rooms she was put in had bed bugs.

The health department did a preliminary check this afternoon and didn't find any. Julie says she has the evidence to back it up and she wants more than just a refund.

Cell phone video taken by Julie Friday night during her stay goes on for two minutes as she takes a tour of the room, finding multiple bed bugs and pieces of rat feces throughout the room.

"We started off in room 292 and that's where we recorded the bed bugs in the bed and mice poop on the other bed and in the bathroom in the corners. So they switched us to room 170 on the first floor and that was also infested with bed bugs. So I decided to get a cup and put the bed bugs in it."

Julie says she kept the bed bugs as proof her complaints were true. After not receiving any reimbursement, she made a call to the health department on Tuesday and Wednesday, and inspectors did a preliminary investigation.

The two rooms Julie was assigned to Friday night were occupied at the time of the investigation and inspectors couldn't enter. However, other rooms investigated showed no signs of bed bugs.

"Bed bugs are kind of nasty, especially in a hotel we try to get out there as fast as we can. But we also go out with the Fire Marshal and they're usually the ones that go in with our sanitarians and they'll actually do the investigation. They'll actually flip over mattresses and take a look and tell them to clean up if they have issues," said Erin Zgondzinski of the health department.

The Fire Marshal has not yet investigated the Days Inn, they have 72 hours after the complaint is filed to do their inspection.

After being left with bites on her legs and many sleepless nights since, Julie wants more than just her $60 back:

"I do want reimbursed, but I also feel like they should do something about it. Either they close it down or they tear the carpets up and get new beds because, other people are going to be coming to Toledo from out of town because of this casino open. They're probably going to be going right there because it's the closest hotel to the casino and they're not even going to know. It's not like they're going to go in and the manager is going to say, 'Hey, we got bed bugs but you can stay here if you choose to.' No, they're not going to mention it at all so these people are going to be taking bed bugs home. Like, it's not right. It should be known, or something should be done about it."

Calls were made to the Days Inn on Miami Street, but managers had left for the day and our calls were not returned.

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