Hollywood Casino: Opening day in review

More than 17,000 people made their way through the doors on Hollywood Casino's opening day.
More than 17,000 people made their way through the doors on Hollywood Casino's opening day.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - On Tuesday, the Glass City made history when Hollywood Casino opened its door to the public.

More than 17,000 people made their way through the doors on Hollywood Casino's opening day.

On the second day, visitors will have an easier time maneuvering through the traffic and crowds, but casino reps said the party is still going on inside.

"The people of Toledo have been great partners. They've been coming through and supporting us, and we can't thank them enough," said Jason Birney, vice president of marketing at the casino.

Toledoans who visit the casino experience red carpet treatment.

"This is not Toledo. You're absolutely right. No, it's like a totally different world when you come in here. It's beautiful," said Gina Frampton.

Frampton liked what she saw so much she brought her daughter back to celebrate her 21st birthday in style.

"I wanted to do the slots for sure, and probably get a drink," said Kaitlyn Frampton.

There are plenty of places to do both. Birney said the restaurants hit it big on day one.

"We saw over 150 covers in our Final Cut Steak and Seafood restaurant yesterday. The Take 2 Grill, you know, a small place to get a burger and some wings, that place was jammin'. It's our only 24/7 outlet and they've had a constant stream of people going through there since they've opened the doors," said Birney.

Birney said the smiles on faces and full bellies are great indicators of how the casino is doing.  Still, he said casino reps always have their ears open for the guests' concerns.

"Some guests are questioning the temperature. We need more trash cans on the floor. You know, we're trying to cue up these lines. So people have a better experience as they're waiting in some of these lines. This business is about constant improvement," explained Birney.

With thousands of gamblers flocking to the casino, parking has become a huge concern, which is why overflow lots are available.

Rossford and Toledo have been collaborating for months to make sure they were not overlooking important issues like traffic, parking and safety.

The city of Rossford has two overflow lots for visitors to park when the garage onsite fills up. One is located behind the recreation center and the other is located at Rossford High School after school hours.

On opening day, police only had to open one of the overflow lots. Approximately 100 cars took advantage.

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss said they were not sure what to prepare for with such a high volume of traffic expected in their city. The department was thankful to work with the Toledo Police Department to keep things running smoothly.

"We have direct radio communications during the event with Toledo Police. So if and when the parking garage at the casino closes, or is at full capacity even temporarily, we can hear them directly on the radio, and we know that they're going to send several vehicles into Rossford and we can prepare for that," said Goss.

Goss said visitors can concentrate on winning and not worry about their cars. The lots are patrolled by volunteers, various law enforcement agencies, and students from the law enforcement program at Penta.

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