Perrysburg Schools volunteer pleads not guilty in stealing $100K

Kiki Lorann
Kiki Lorann

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Parents said it is one of the biggest violations of trust. A Perrysburg School District volunteer is charged after police said she stole nearly $100,000 from three organizations.

The school district said it did not see it coming, but the situation is far from over.

On Wednesday, Kiki Lorann pleaded not guilty to one count of theft and two counts of grand theft. She will go to trial as the school district tries to recover what it has lost.

Lorann handled finances for several volunteer organizations in Perrysburg Schools. When other members reviewed their accounts, they realized the numbers did not make sense.

"I know how hard our community works to raise money for the schools. And I guess I was in shock that somebody would do this. It just blew my mind," said Kerry Wellstein, a Toth Elementary School parent.

Police said Lorann, who lives across the street from the district building, stole nearly $100,000 from elementary school and sports organizations.

The school district said it relied on the money.

"Especially when you have kids going door to door in the rain, trying to collect money for field trips or bringing in artists to come and talk to students about reading or writing a book. To think about that those kids, the money's gone, is certainly very tragic," said Tom Hosler, Perrysburg Schools superintendent.

The school district said it is looking at ways to improve financial security, but administrators said they are not sure they could have prevented this from happening.

"When you have someone that is determined to steal money and they're put in a position of trust, there is a great deal of opportunity to take money. And unfortunately this person exploited that," said Hosler.

Parents said community organizations are already donating to make up for the missing money.

"This type of thing happens so rarely in our community that that's why I think we're all in shock. But I don't think it should stop anybody from volunteering or giving back or working hard again to raise funds for the many different organizations," said Hosler.

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