Monthlong construction project begins on McCord Road

Construction on McCord Road in Sylvania Township is under way.
Construction on McCord Road in Sylvania Township is under way.

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Residents living around the McCord Road construction project said they worry people using their streets as a detour are putting their neighborhoods in danger.

Anyone wanting to go north on McCord Road between Bancroft Street and Central Avenue will have to find another way around. Workers are widening the road and doing storm and sanitary work for 35 days.

Drivers are asked to use King Road as a detour. However, residents say drivers are turning on Regents Park Boulevard instead.

"I'm concerned about kids getting hit. Some accident with somebody hitting a child, somebody hitting another car that's parked, or somebody pulling out of their driveway," said Munir Simon, a resident.

Residents in the St. James Wood community in Sylvania Township said they are used to quiet neighborhood, but now they said they see cars speeding through their residential streets.

"This is a 25 mile per hour zone. There's cars that have been speeding at least 30, 40, 50 miles an hour. There are a lot of kids, a lot of pets, a lot people walking, jogging," Simon said.

Simon has six children. Lou Galambos, another resident, has two.

"People fly down here all the time, and we're always worried our kids getting hit, but now we have more and more cars to worry about. They know to stay out of the street, but things can happen and kids will make mistakes," Galambos said.

"I got dogs and stuff we have to walk around, and people go through here pretty fast," resident Ryan Jozsa said.

Residents said driver do not want to take the time to take the main detour.

"Everyone's in a hurry. Nobody has time," Simon said.

Residents said they hope police will get involved and seek out speeders, or that they will be able to set up speed bumps to slow traffic down.

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