Casino security runs smoothly on first day

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - One of the first things a lot of people noticed at Hollywood Casino Toledo's Tuesday opening was that Toledo police officers were everywhere. They were on foot, on motorcycles and even in the air in the TPD helicopter.

"We have extra officers on duty today to expedite the flow of traffic and the safe entrance of the patrons to the casino. It's been working out really well, the patrons have been patient; the backup on the expressway has been almost non-existent. I think we've planned for the worst and we're getting the best out of this," said Captain Brad Weis of the Toledo Police Department.

It took three months of planning on behalf of the department. Nine additional officers were on duty running casino detail in order to keep regular patrols as is. The department set up their command post behind the facility to ensure patron safety outside of the casino.

"The police department has a plan set up to assist the casino but the Casino has their own private security force and BCI is in control of the gaming laws and they are the armed personnel on the gaming floor," Weis said.

The department's helicopter could be seen patrolling the skies around the casino in an effort to aid ground officers. Extra TPD officers around the casino will be a common sight for the next couple of weeks.

"The police department has a contingency plan to keep the area safe, we have crews assigned in the area and also the officers working extra duty can respond to any activity that they deem necessary," Weis explained.

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