Casino visitors experience parking issues

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's the Hollywood Casino Toledo's grand opening, and even though casino-goers are excited to finally step inside, they did see a downfall in parking.

In preparation for the casino traffic, Rossford city officials and law enforcement worked together to open up the parking lot at Pilkington, which is just down the street. There is an 8 dollar charge, but a shuttle service is provided.

"We thought we would get a chance to park in the structure. And we seen some free parking signs, but then it was like $8 and so, only one shuttle, yeah, we're a little bit upset so," said casino guest Karen Calloway.

The casino's parking structure filled up quickly on Tuesday, leaving customers with the option of parking in Rossford.

"Once the Pilkington lot behind our rec center fills up, or if it does, then we will have additional parking available over at the Rossford high school parking lot," said Police Chief Glenn Goss.

Rossford city officials and law enforcement agencies worked together to make the Pilkington parking lot and the high school's lot available for casino visitors.  The idea behind opening up the two lots is to keep customers from parking in residential streets, or in local business parking areas. Even though a shuttle service is provided at these lots, some customers are still unhappy about not being able to park at the casino.

"Typically most casinos would offer free parking to their customers. And we had to drive out; I want to say another 8 blocks. And pay an additional 8 dollars to park and then take a shuttle bus, which there's only one. And you know having to wait and everything like that, again it's just an inconvenience," said visitor Roberto Perez.

TARTA is also running services from its call-a-ride, route 10 downtown stop to the casino.  A spokesperson says they have been running all day and have had a steady flow of customers.

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