Local man helps residents with coyote problems

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Coyotes are a growing problem in many northwest Ohio communities, and one man has the skills to take care of it.

Coyotes are considered a nuisance animal in the state of Ohio, any person with a hunting license can legally shoot them, but when it comes to coyotes, there's a lot that goes into tracking, trapping and finding them. That's why Logan Monts, a Bowling Green man, is often contracted to take care of the task, doing it safely with the nearby public in mind.

Monts has been busy tracking coyotes around northwest Ohio the past few weeks. A former infantry-man in the U.S. Army, he has the skills many communities look at when it comes to taking care of an overpopulation problem.

"Shooting them with a rifle is usually your best option and they want people who know what they're doing. They want people who can shoot and they can hit their target and be safe with it," explained Monts.

Monts traps the coyotes when he can, but often times due to their overpopulation, shooting them his best option.

Lately, he has been heading out 3 to 4 times per week where sightings are reported.

Monts says it is abnormal to see coyotes this time of year so close to the public population, but that is also the time when it gets dangerous, and when he steps in:

"They can kill pets, small dogs and cats. It's a big concern and they just don't belong in that suburban area. Someone might think, a kid might think it's a dog and go up and pet it and they could get attacked. They are an animal and if you go up to them, they're going to protect themselves. Coyote attacks are pretty rare, it's nothing I would lose sleep over, there is no reason the community needs to be panicked about it but they don't belong in the suburban areas."

Monts says he went out this past weekend and was able to find three coyotes in the Perrysburg area and safely took care of them.

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