Firefighters use strategies to beat the heat

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Fire departments do not get days off for holidays or inclement weather, and officials say the inside of a house fire can be between 100 and 600 degrees. Mixing that with 90 degree outdoor temperatures raises the stakes, and can put their health in danger.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, which means temperatures will be high for the next few months. Firefighters from both Sylvania and Toledo say although the weather is gorgeous for leisure, it makes their jobs a little tougher.

The elevated temperatures raise the risk of firefighters getting heat exhaustion and suffering injuries.  There are several things that TFD does to make sure that they can keep themselves as cool and healthy as possible.

"The guys wear an awful lot of equipment, and their body temperatures are going to rise very quickly.  So, what I'll try to do, what we'll try to do across the city, is limit how long they're in there with that equipment, make sure they're assessed by medical teams before they're allowed to go back into service to answer another call," said Bob Krause of the Toledo Fire Department.

Sylvania fire says one step they will be taking is rotating crews to make sure that everyone stays hydrated and doesn't over exert themselves.

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