Yacht clubs see more interest in boating

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Yacht clubs and boat stores are reporting more interest this year, and hoping it is a sign of economic recovery, since yacht club memberships have been declining for the last five years.

Commodores at the Toledo Yacht Club said 2012 has had the largest resurgence of interest in memberships in a long time.

"People are starting to enjoy themselves more, relaxing, so we are seeing a resurgence in boating and membership at our clubs," said Paul Janowiecki, Toledo Yacht Club 2010 Commodore.

The Toledo Yacht Club is the oldest active yacht club on the Great Lakes and Club Historian Ron Gabel said the club has bounced back from other economic downturns. He is hoping that will be the case again and membership interest will continue to grow.

"As the boating industry gets back on its feet, the activities here will have a waiting list for docks again like it used to be," said Gabel.

Everyone said boaters are very dedicated to what they do and even in the toughest times, will still see plenty of people.

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