Families beat the heat to celebrate Memorial Day

Boaters enjoying the holiday at Walbridge Park.
Boaters enjoying the holiday at Walbridge Park.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Hot temperatures were not hot enough to keep Toledoans from spending time outdoors. Whether they were at a park, in their backyards or on a boat, people gathered outside to celebrate Memorial Day.

They all had their own strategies to beat the heat.

"We drove up from Cleveland to be with my mom's brother and sister and just some of our immediate family here," said Aiyana Bailey.

Despite temperatures in the 90s, the family ventured out to Walbridge Park for a Memorial Day barbecue.

"Generally I'm not outside on hot days like this, I wait until the sun comes down. But since today is a holiday and I'm not at work, I guess I might as well enjoy it and endure it," said Bailey.

So the family grilled, played games and caught up, but they also took a few precautions by staking out picnic tables in the shade, wearing light clothing and keeping hydrated.

Boaters, runners and strollers said they wanted to take advantage of the sunny day.

"We go to the park pretty often actually, so we just decided to come out like we normally would since we got an extra day off," said Matt Knaggs.

But the new dad knew his daughter required some extra care in the heat.

"We make sure we've got her well covered from the sun, keep her in the shade, put sunscreen on, and make sure we're checking her to make sure she's not too hot," said Knaggs.

No matter how they beat the heat, these families made the most of it.

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