'Harley's Heroes' gives disabled veterans opportunity for counseling

PERRYSBURG, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - It's something Signature Harley Davidson in Perrysburg does every Memorial Day weekend.

The dealership is part of a national program called 'Harley's Heroes', a chance to give disabled veterans a chance to meet with a counselor.

Jake Drost is with the non-profit advocacy group Disabled American Veterans.

D-A-V helps vets like Travis White cut through the red tape to get the benefits they have coming to them.

"D-A-V is the organization to see" he says.

Mr. White is 100% disabled, caused by the effects of Agent Orange from a two year hitch in Viet Nam.

"He has received help before but he's just found out he can claim on the condition" says his caregiver Kathy Creekmore.

Mr. White will fill out the proper paperwork. Mr. Drost will get the ball rolling.

"After a counseling session, we determine which route is the best, if any. We file that claim for them with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Follow the claim from start to finish" says Mr. Drost.

Memorial Day is a time to remember disabled veterans. That's why Signature Harley Davidson also held a fifty mile run to raise money for Harley's Heroes D-A-V.

"My brothers both served in Viet Nam and my daughter's boyfriend is coming home this week from Afghanistan and I support the veterans" says rider Janis Basinger.

Adds Cheryl Boulle.

"My nephew is in Afghanistan. It's for a good cause and they're the reason we have what we have now."

For more information on Disabled American Veterans, go to the group's web site at www.dav.org.

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