Perrysburg school organizations missing money

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Thousands of dollars has gone missing from multiple school organizations and civic groups in Perrysburg, and the Perrysburg Police Department is investigating the missing funds.

The district was made aware of the ongoing investigation last week. No names are being released as to who is responsible, but Cyndi, a parent of a student, says she knows who it is:

"We're friends with her, her kids play on our team, we know her from school, socially, we've been good friends It's sad. It's a really sad situation."

Perrysburg police are investigating missing funds from two parent-teacher organizations at two elementary schools, including Toth elementary- as well as two civic groups. Perrysburg schools released a statement saying they were made aware of the investigation last week.

Cyndi sends her kids to Toth Elementary, and is also involved with Perrysburg amateur baseball and softball programs. She says her team isn't missing any money as of right now, but a different team is missing between $3500 and $4500.

"My husband and I got a call last Friday from Doug Kinder of the Perrysburg Police Department and he told us that they had some concerns that our Perrysburg Amateur Baseball Softball association, that our account had been compromised."

Thousands of dollars are also said to be missing from the Toth Elementary parent-teacher organization making it an unfortunate situation she says comes with a sense of betrayal.

"My kids go to Toth school so it affects Toth school, it affects our kids, our families. The things they wanted to do at Toth now are being compromised, they can't buy the things they wanted to buy because that money is gone and they're going to have to pay outstanding debts with the money they have raised for other things," Cyndi said.

Cyndi says she knows the money will never be repaid, but she hopes whoever is involved is held responsible and punished properly. She worries the situation will hurt Toth Elementary for years to come:

"Poor Toth school because, people are going to think, I don't know if I want to fundraise for them anymore because I don't know what's going to happen to that money. I said, for the next five years that school is going to struggle and it's terrible. My kids go there and it's a great school and, people are too trusting, too trusting, we should have done backgrounds checks and we didn't."

Both the Perrysburg Police Department and officials with Perrysburg schools declined to go on camera for an interview.

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