Does it Work: The Amazing Glove

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's grilling season, and this product could have you tossing aside the oven mitt and tongs.  Can The Amazing Glove take the heat from our test?

"We'll see in a second."

Cape Girardeau firefighters Nick Moore and David Bell man our grill. The Amazing Glove promises to withstand heat up to 480 degrees.

Nick is first to grab a hot grill grate while wearing the gloves.

"Ours is much better."

No doubt about it. The gloves these firefighters normally wear are much thicker than this, but the pair says the Amazing Glove actually did a good job protecting their hands.

"I'm impressed."

That is, until a little moisture from the hot dogs flares up.

"The moisture from the hot dog went through the glove, which caused steam in the glove, so it's hotter faster," said firefighter Moore.

"Don't get over confident. Watch your sleeves," offers firefighter Bell.

"I'd give it a 'B'."

"I'd rate it a 'B' as well."

For $5, the Amazing Glove at least earns a good grade 'B' and withstands the heat from our Does it Work test.

The firefighters say it's not sanitary to transfer any raw meat to the grill and then use the same glove to take it off, keep in mind. Meantime, remove the tag from the glove. It is not flammable, and could catch fire if exposed too close to any flames.  Also, we question how long this will remain somewhat fireproof after laundering.

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