IHOP customers react to investigation

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Many IHOP customers were disappointed to learn they would have to go elsewhere for their lunch Wednesday.

It appeared the Central Avenue IHOP in Sylvania Township was closed through breakfast and lunch. Several customers walked up to the doors only to discover they were locked and the lights were off inside.

Around 11 a.m., an employee answering the phone said they would open in about an hour, which did not happen.

Visitors at the Central Avenue location were shocked to learn they would have to go elsewhere to eat.

"It was quite a surprise. I had heard about the investigation that was going on some time ago, but to shut down a franchise right here, this close, it's a little unnerving," said Ron Sneary.

The closure comes at the same time as an indictment unsealed Wednesday morning. Seven IHOP locations were raided by the FBI last September, but that is basically all customers know.

"It would have been nice to know if it was money laundering or if it was terrorism or some other types of crime. I don't know why they had to be so private about it for such a long time," said David McKay.

Customers at the Central Avenue location were left with questions.

"It's kind of scary, yeah. What kind of things are going on?" said Barb Sneary.

"It's hard to fathom. The way people are today is, who do you trust? You expect to go to a nice establishment and not expect it to be closed down by the federal government," said Ron Sneary.

Employees at the Talmadge, Airport Highway, Perrysburg, Findlay, Lima and Evansville, Indiana locations said they were open for business as usual.

Still, customers said the indictments will not keep them from returning to IHOP restaurants.

"This is our old home stop basically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Nothing but good service, nothing but good food," said Walt Pakulski.

The federal government is taking over operations for the restaurants.

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