Local business owners look forward to casino traffic

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - With the grand opening of Hollywood Casino Toledo now less than a week away on May 29, residents and business owners in east Toledo and Rossford are getting ready for some extra traffic, and hopefully some spill-over business from casino visitors.

Rossford resident Jeff Przysiecki says he understands there might be some drivers using residential streets to get around:

"I think we'll have some more traffic, people getting lost, but there will be more traffic up and down the main street. Other than that I really don't see much of an impact."

Rossford resident Gil Jeremy says more traffic won't bother him:

"Most likely I'll have to avoid Miami Street the first few weeks. It's good for jobs, it's good for the economy, I'm for it."

More vehicles traveling through Rossford is exactly what business owners including Bock's Place owner Bill Bockelman are counting on:

"Traffic means business. If you have no traffic you have no business."

Bulldog Diner owner Ron Socie says his business has already benefited from the casino, as construction workers have stopped in for meals."

"This place was non-existent two years ago. Now I have 11 employees. It's been great for this town."

Local pawn shops are also expecting the casino to help draw new customers. Nick Koka at the Standard Loan Office in Toledo says he's hoping it'll help attract not only people looking to sell, but people looking to buy items at a good bargain:

"There's going to be an influx of pawning but we hope that we're going to have retail sales to go with it."

The Double Down consignment and pawn shop in Rossford has also recently opened just down the street from the casino in hopes of attracting new customers.

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