Don't Waste Your Money: How to make money off your Facebook friends

(Toledo News Now) - All the recent hype over Facebook's initial stock offering might have you wishing you could make a few bucks off the company. You're not going to make money like Mark Zuckerberg, but you could make a few bucks off your Facebook friends.

Do you have a high number of friends? Do you use Facebook with them a few times a day? If so, you can now make money off them simply by talking up some businesses.

Remember referral discounts? You'd tell a friend about your local car dealership, and you'd get a few bucks off your next service visit.

Now, those referrals have now gone high-tech.

According to SmartMoney magazine, Hertz is one of many companies now giving bigger discounts the more Facebook friends you can convince to like them.

For instance, you get $15 off a car rental for liking Hertz on Facebook, but $25 off if you get a friend to like Hertz too.

A 50 cent Lifesavers coupon triples to $1.50 if you post a link to it on your Facebook page.

From the doesn't that stink file, is the fact that you can quickly wear out your welcome trying to make money off your Facebook friends. SmartMoney warns that people who ask too much sometimes find themselves unfriended.

One caution: Make sure your friends are OK with liking stores and deals before you get them involved. Some people are very sensitive about sharing information and are best left alone.

That way you stay friends and you don't waste your money.

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