Perrysburg schools redistricting to adjust classroom sizes

Perrysburg schools will be redistricting to adjust to population increases.
Perrysburg schools will be redistricting to adjust to population increases.

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Perrysburg schools are redistricting. School officials have already notified families that they are switching elementary schools next year.

The superintendent said this is just one part of a much bigger problem.

As Perrysburg's population grows, district officials said teachers are struggling to find classroom space. They are hoping the elementary school shift will help change that.

Teachers at Woodland Elementary School said they would like to have more one-on-one time with students. But they cannot because classroom sizes grow as the population increases.

"We're right up against it and it's not just one building, you know, we're feeling it across the board. And we're really nibbling around the edges until we really get a long-term solution," said Tom Hosler, superintendent of Perrysburg Schools.

The short-term solution is redistricting. Next year, two neighborhoods with a total of 24 students will switch from Woodland to Toth Elementary School.

"There's two classes that are over 28 students at Woodland before this change. At Toth right now, we have two grade levels that are below 20. So it makes a lot of sense to be able to make that shift," explained Hosler.

District officials said they have notified the affected families. Some parents said they are happy about cutting back on class sizes. Others said they are disappointed students will have to leave their teachers and friends.

"We know that that's pretty disruptive to their lives, but we know that if we don't make these changes, you get a neighborhood where students are going to different schools and that's not a good situation," said Hosler.

The superintendent said redistricting will not solve the problem, but it could make it more manageable.

"We just have to react to it. And I think sometimes people get frustrated with schools because while we celebrate the development and growth, we're the ones that have to go out and make that work. And we can't turn students away," said Hosler.

Hosler said the district will have meetings for the families transitioning to Toth Elementary School.

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