Restaurant Ratings: Mold a big problem this week

The Whitehouse Inn was cited for four repeat violations.
The Whitehouse Inn was cited for four repeat violations.

(Toledo News Now) - Health inspectors said several kitchens had mold problems this week, while others racked up zero violations.

The Whitehouse Inn on Waterville Street was cited repeat violations for drain flies throughout the entire building, buildup in equipment and a dirty kitchen in need of cleaning. Inspectors said the staff needs to take out the trash more to deter pests. Wet wiping cloths were found in various locations throughout the facility and inspectors noted broken equipment and maintenance issues for a total of nine violations. The owner said he pressure sprayed the facility after the inspector left.

Several kitchens were given citations for mold. Trotters Tavern on Heatherdowns Boulevard in south Toledo was cited for mold that was found inside the ice machine. Employees said they have cleaned the ice machine since then. They said they started cleaning the facility more thoroughly just a few months ago by wiping down bottles and soaking bar equipment overnight.

The Heatherdowns Country Club on Heatherdowns was given a violation for mold found inside a cooler.

The American Legion Post in Maumee was cited for mold found inside the pop dispensers, along with food stored without date labels.

At Lil Sheba on West Alexis Road in west Toledo, inspectors found improper scoops and food held past the seven day discard date.

Hong Kong Restaurant on North Holland Sylvania Road had no date labels on its food. Inspectors also noted food stored on the floor and raw meet stored above produce.

VIP Market on Bancroft Street in central Toledo racked up three violations in maintenance issues. Violations included a damaged ice freezer, missing light shields and cracked tiles.

Corduroy Carryout in Oregon also had three violations, including unsafe temperatures, food stored on the floor, and exposed wood shelving.

Inspectors found nine violations at the Star Diner on West Alexis Road. Inspectors noted inconsistent date marking, broken cooler thermometers, improper containers being used, chemicals stored near food, unlabeled chemicals, wet rags hanging on a bucket, broken equipment, and an overall dirty kitchen.

Duct tape can fix almost anything, except 10 violations. Health inspectors noted Magdalena's Bar and Grill on West Alexis Road might have been hoping it would help fix cracked containers. Employees were told to stop the practice and clean the facility since dirty areas were causing odors. Inspectors also found food stored on the floor. Other repeat violations - of the eight total - were missing light shields, the use of single-use containers, maintenance issues, water and buildup at the bottom of the beer cooler, plumbing coated in food debris, and broken equipment.

Still, other kitchens managed to receive zero violations from their inspections.

Timberwolf Tavern on Jutland Street in west Toledo was noted for being one of the cleanest kitchens this week. When health inspectors walked through May 10 they found safe temperatures, and a clean and well-maintained facility.

Other clean kitchens included Lutheran Village at Wolf Creek in Holland, Toledo Head Start Mount Vernon in west Toledo, and Homestead Variety in Oregon.

Some school kitchens were also given zero health code violations. Those schools included Coy Elementary in Oregon, Monclova Elementary in Monclova, Anthony Wayne Junior High and High School in Whitehouse, Lighthouse Christian Day Center in west Toledo, Hawkins Elementary in west Toledo and Whitehouse Primary.

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