Maumee Assembly and Stamping hopes to add 100 jobs

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Maumee Assembly and Stamping announced Monday that it hopes to add on more than 100 jobs.

The company's current plant used to be an old Ford plant that was closed in 2007, and what was to become of it really was uncertain. Today, you would have no idea work came to a halt there for several years.

"I'm from northwest Ohio, been born and raised here. Just knew that it was a nice facility, and it was too nice to disassemble. It was something should be put back to work. It's been a challenge that we've been working on, and it's coming in now," said Stanley Chlebowski, who bought the plant in 2009.

The plant looked a lot different 3 years ago.

"There were 12 people working that included the two owners and the guard. Really, they were just keeping the facility alive," said Bill Wersell of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In 2010, the small business development center provided Chlebowski with professional consultants.

"The SBDC in this area has just worked hand in hand with the owners to develop a business plan, to find financing, to meet with potential customers," explained Christiane Schmenk, the Ohio director of development.

Today, Maumee Assembly and Stamping employs 85 people, and they're adding on another stamping facility. They say they are looking at a total of 200 full-time jobs by this time next year. That means this company will have gone from 12 people to 200 in just three years.

"Everyone worked together to make this day happen today," said Wersell.

"The success was just timing, just taking our time and waiting for the right opportunity, and the right customers have come through," Chlebowski said.

The plant is hoping to hire 12 of those new employees as soon as possible. Anyone interested can grab applications from the front gate.

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