Troy Twp. property becomes most marketable land in Midwest

TROY TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – Wood County officials said hundreds of jobs are tied to one piece of land in Troy Township. The Eastwood Commerce Center is on the corner of Pemberville Road and U.S. Route 20. On Monday, that land received special recognition.

Different properties in Wood County are preparing to sell and create jobs.

The Eastwood Commerce Center takes it one step further. It is now designated as a CSX select site. Wood County officials said that makes it one of the most marketable pieces of land in the Midwest.

It has taken several years, but Wood County officials said more than 400 acres at Eastwood Commerce Center are finally ready to sell.

"Do we have somebody ready to sign on the dotted line yet that I can identify? No. But the idea of having a site of this magnitude ready to go means that when the next big one comes along, we are in fact ready to go with everything there," said Tom Blaha, executive director of the Wood County Economic Development Commission.

Blaha said "everything" refers to utilities, environmental reviews and an established location by major highways and a CSX rail. The goal is for a big company to buy the land, set up shop, and create jobs. If that happens, Toledo will also get a share of the revenue.

"It sends the message that we have our act together in northwest Ohio, that we're not squabbling with each other like vultures fighting over a bone. And that if something significant comes in, they will receive the benefits of the teamwork," said Blaha.

That is why the land is now a CSX select site, one of only five across several regions with the recognition of being ready to go.

Jonathan Gemmen works with companies who want to buy this type of land.

"You don't see very many sites around the country that have this level of capacity, that are truly ready to go. It's flat. It's mostly cleared. We have all the studies that say a manufacturer could come in here quickly," explained Gemmen, of Austin Consulting.

County officials said this new standing makes the land more marketable than ever, but there is still work to do.

"This is really the culmination of years worth of work. But most importantly, the true culmination will be when a user comes in and puts a shovel in the ground and then a year later, has a ribbon cutting," said Gemmen.

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