Local group celebrates change in vicious dog law

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - As of Sunday, pit bulls are no longer classified as vicious dogs in the state of Ohio.

The group Pet Bull Project is celebrating the change.

The group travels throughout Toledo city parks, offering free training to people and their dogs on basic obedience commands.

Saturday, they were in East Toledo's Navarre Park.

The 'PET' in "PET Bull" stands for Prevent, Educate and Train.

"We don't want incidents to happen when people run out and get a pit bull because now you can have as many as you want. We want for them to research what you're getting, know what you're getting. It's like any other breed," said Cindy Reinsel of the Project.

Carol Humberger is a dog trainer.

She adopted a pit bull from the dog pound.

Ms. Humberger says pit bulls are not vicious.

"They can be a very good dog. They need to have good breeding just like any other breed. And spay and neuter your pet. You can have a nice dog and a nice family pet," said Ms. Humberger.

Pit bull owners in the park say you shouldn't hate the breed, rather the deed.

The law strengthens Ohio's dangerous dog laws so they target careless owners and dangerous dogs of all breeds based on behavior, not breed.

"It's just what they teach them. I don't teach my dog to be mean to nobody," said Fred Smith.

"I think it's really important that we have a chance to advocate for the breed and give them better homes and teach other people about the realities of dog fighting. They're good dogs," added Donna Farner.

Dogs the state of Ohio now says are not vicious.

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