Local man helps new parents with pets

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - John Brown is a certified professional dog trainer who used to work for the Humane Society.

Brown was bothered by the number of expectant parents who would bring dogs in for adoption.

"Preparing ahead of time really reduces the stress of the parent when the baby comes," he says.

That is why Hanna Kutcher hired him. Kutcher and her husband own three dogs.

Kutcher gave birth three weeks ago to her daughter Lilia.

"John is like any other dog trainer. He doesn't train your dog for you. He trains you to train your dog. It's up to you to do it," she says.

Brown says it's important for your dog to be calm, because you need to involve it in your new routine with the baby.

"We want them to come into the nursery and be with the baby. They can only come in when they're invited. They have to lay down when in the nursery and be calm," he says.

Brown noticed Kutcher's dogs had what he calls 'unsocial behavior," and urged her to install baby gates, keep them leashed and not let them sleep in her bedroom.

Brown's  biggest tip to new parents with dogs could be a lifesaver.

"So I always tell my clients never ever leave your dog and baby alone for even a second. If you have to go to the kitchen, take one or both with you."

Kutcher's dogs are frisky, but the three of them and little Lilia get along just fine.

"If it came down to it between a dog and a baby, of course we're going to choose our daughter. But that's the reason we wanted to get the training so we wouldn't have a situation" says Kutcher.

The result is man's best friend getting along with the newest member of the family.

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