BGSU experiences tenth death this year

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Tragedy struck again for Bowling Green State University when a student was found dead in her off-campus apartment Wednesday night. She is the tenth student to die this academic year.

Ten student deaths in one year alone sounds like a lot, and students on campus say they are shocked by the number, but university officials say it is not unusual, and they have experienced higher numbers in the past.

"Unfortunately with a community this size, it does happen. And we have had higher numbers in past years," BGSU spokesperson Dave Kielmeyer said, adding just six years ago there were 13 students deaths. Another year, there were over 20.

"I'm just really surprised. I've been here for a few years, now as a senior, and I've never seen this kind of death rate at BG, especially in students," said BGSU senior Tyler Thompson.

"It's crazy, there's usually like one or two a year if that, And usually one of them is a faculty member that's a lot older," explained BGSU junior Matt Marsh.

Hilary Mankin was found dead in her apartment Wednesday night. Bowling green police received a call from her roommate who had found Mankin unconscious. The cause of death is still unknown, but there are reports of Mankin feeling ill for several days. A friend says she was experiencing flu-like symptoms.

"I think her roommates knew about that, but they didn't know what to do. It was flu-like symptoms as far as I know. So it was no reason she, that to be seriously concerned," said Olivia Wright, a friend of Hilary.

Wright lived on the same floor as Mankin their freshmen year - and they were both RAs at the Kreischer-Compton residence hall. She says Mankin was a warm, genuine person.

"She always had everyone's best interest at heart. Always had a smile on her face, always willing to help. She was just a beautiful person, both inside and out," Olivia said.

"Each one reminds us how precious life is and I think it has brought the campus community closer together," said Kielmeyer.

Campus counselors are available for students.

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